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What is Pumbble?

Pumbble is the ultimate iPhone music player. It combines an amazing design with the most desired functions by the users. Pumbble provides you the ability to download variety of music files directly from our build in browser function. We support .mp3, .wav, .m4a, .aif, .caf which could be directly downloaded from your favorite website for legal music to Pumbble.

Pumbble combines all your music from the iTunes Library with your downloads from the player, so you are able to set playlists and albums with the files no matter what.

Pumbble has amazing design and gesture functions between the screens and your favorite songs. Just see it and you’ll love it.


Pumbble does not provide or host any illegal content, files or software. We respect Copyright Laws. We provide a built-in browser function which could be freely used for download of music files. We recommend to use only legal music websites and sources. We respect the rights of artists and creators. For more info see - What is copyrights? Inappropriate use of the browser function within Pumbble is a responsibility of the user. Thank you!

Legal websites we recommend: